Our Story

Hello from Chris, Diane and Buttons of Mt Beckworth Free Range.

Here on the farm we raise free range pigs, goats, ducks, geese and chickens for eggs, and sell our produce direct to you our customers.

For over 35 years we have farmed free range as we believe animals should be free to roam and express their natural character.

For us farming is just half of the picture, we are also butchers with over 15 years experience and have recently established our own on-farm butchery with the help of over 223 supporters of our crowd-funding project!

Our Farm

Our farm is named after near-by Mount Beckworth, rising proud from the landscape ‘the mount’, as it’s affectionately known, is capped by the ‘Lollypop tree’ a lone surviving cyprus, as depicted in our logo. While working on the farm  ‘the mount’ can be seen from almost every paddock as an ever present directional beacon.

In a landscape largely dominated by cropping and sheep properties our relatively small farm stands out with a diverse mix of livestock including ducks, geese, goats, pigs and deer.

It is this diversity which allows us to rotate and nurture our soils, to create resilience in our farming practice through the seasons and to offer our customers a range of high quality produce.

Our Butchery

Our on-farm butchery allows us to see our high quality produce all the way through, from our paddock to your plate.  We control the supply chain so that we can provide premium quality produce that you know its source and can trust.

In our butchery we breakdown our farm raised meats and individually cryovac them for your convenience and make our own sausages.

Having both the farm and the butchery means that our free range farm can continue to be viable and sustainable.

When you buy from Mt Beckworth Free Range you can be assured you will be eating ethical meat, raised free range and skillfully prepared in the butchery by the person you are buying it from.  You will also be directly supporting us, your local farmers who take pride growing your food – for this we thank you.

Buy Produce

Free range pork, goat, venison, duck, geese and eggs seasonally available 

Our seasonal produce is available to purchase online via  form below or at the Daylesford Farmers Market - every Sunday.

Pick-up from our on-farm butchery is by prior arrangement, alternatively pick-up at the Daylesford Farmers Market every Sunday or we can deliver by arrangement within 100km of the farm (fees apply).

Our Produce

All of our produce is highly seasonal in it’s nature and availability.  Geese are in prime condition at the end of winter, poultry go ‘off the lay’ during molt and boar pigs can experience heat stress going temporarily sterile in high temperatures and resulting in lack of pigs born later in the year.   We farm in tune with nature and as such we will not have all of our produce available all of the time.

Currently we have our free-range pork packs and roasting portions available, and will soon be able to offer our free-range goat and venison.

We also have limited supply of free range chicken eggs, these can be ordered by the dozen with your meat order, or purchased directly from the farm-gate.

Please ‘like’ our Facebook page for updates from the farm and butchery, or check our website for new season produce again soon

Whole Hog $600

  • All cuts from 1 full pig
  • Boned & Rolled Roasts
  • Ribs & Rack
  • Loin Chops
  • Belly & Bacon
  • Snags & Mince
  • approximately 40kg

Half Porker $320

  • All cuts from 1/2 a pig
  • Boned & Rolled Roasts
  • Ribs & Rack
  • Belly & Loin Chops
  • Bacon & Snags
  • approximately 20kg

Quarter Pork $170

  • Boned & Rolled Roasts
  • Ribs & Rack
  • Loin Chops
  • Belly & Mince
  • approximately 10kg

Suckling Pig $180

  • True Suckling Pig
  • between 8-10kg

Spit Pig $13.50/kg

  • Whole pig
  • Prepared for spit
  • Size to suit your needs
  • Price per kg
  • between 12 – 30kg

Place an order

To place your order please fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly to arrange, payment, pick-up or delivery.

In line with our sustainable farming practices we encourage customers to consider purchasing full, half or quarter animal packs, rather than individual cuts.  Eating this way is not only better for the environment  as it reduces the risk of food waste, it helps our farming operation to be more resilient and is most economical for your budget.

If these packs are too big for your household why not share with friends or family, and if you are unsure how to prepare or cook certain cuts please do not hesitate to ask – we have plenty of recipe ideas to share!

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Porker Pack – $170
Half Hog – $320
Whole Hog – $600
Spit Pig Whole – $13.50 p/kg
True Suckling Pig – $180

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Our Crowdfunding Story

In December 2014, with the help of over 223 people we successfully crowd funded our new on-farm butchery.

Following months of hard work running the farm and building the butchery we have now finished construction and are ready to begin selling our farm raised meats direct to you!

Thank you to everyone that supported our Pozible project!


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